Gangster Legends

IGO (Ended)

For Gangster Legends 2.0
Eva will issue a total of 3,000 pieces in the first batch, of which 1,500 units will be used on the Gangster Legends IGO to raise $USDC for initial liquidity of $DRUG.
The remaining 1,500 will be used for user eco-incentives, airdrop, marketing promotion, etc.
IGO, known as Initial Game Offering, which sales NFT assets from game projects. These assets can be owned via auction, fixed price or blind box. IGO's are for game play only and all content releases include in-game assets such as game passes, game characters and more!

IGO Details

IGO Time

For WL & OG: June 17th, 11:00am (UTC) For the public: June 18th, 11:00am (UTC)

IGO Price

For WL & OG: 100 USDC / Eva For the public: 125 USDC / Eva

IGO Quantity

There will be 1,500 Eva for sale.

IGO platform

Gangster Legends official website
Participants will need to get whitelist at first to be eligible for participating in IGO. Necessary information will be announced once the IGO platform is determined.