Gangster Legends

Change Log


Add "EVENTS" group.
Add "IGO" page.
Add "Gang Sales" page.
Hidden values were disclosed.
Revise the mint cost rules.


Add "Runaway Fee" content.
Add "Change Log" page.
Add "Event Log" page.


Updated official links in the doc.
Deleted the following content on Gang Rush page: Gang creation requires binding a Gang NFT with a Land NFT, if you want to sell the created gang, you need to sell the already bound Gang NFT together with the Land NFT.
Add Event Log content.


Change content on Gang Rush page:
From The game will rank all participating gangs at 8am (UTC) each day.
To The gangs participating in the game will be ranked in real time


Add contract address, trading pair, and chart link for DRUG token;
Change the gang rush daily reward distribution time from 10 AM to 11 AM (UTC).
Upgraded the 1.0 NFT Migrate Fee.


Add the GitHub link.
Last modified 7mo ago