Gangster Legends

Revenue Allocation

For $CASH only; it will be stopped when the Gangster Legends 2.0 launches.

Slicing the cake

  • 90% - Initial $CASH - $RICH liquidities
  • 10% - Jackpot

Liquidity $CASH - $RICH

20,000 $RICH will be added to create a liquidity pool on SpookySwap. This amount will be locked, and we will renew the locking indefinitely. We will also top up the liquidity pool with 90% of the $RICH tokens from the NFT minting fees.


When you mint an NFT using $RICH, 10% of the $RICH tokens goes into our lottery jackpot pool! Whenever a new NFT is minted, an additional hour is added to the remaining countdown timer (capped to 12hrs). If no one else was to mint an NFT and the count down timer hit 0, the total sum of the jackpot pool will be distributed to the last 10 people who minted an NFT! The distribution is as follows:
  • The last person to do so will receive 51% of the jackpot
  • The second last person receives 20% of the jackpot
  • The third from last receives 15% of the pot
  • The remaining 7 people share 14% of the pot equally (2% each)
Now you know everything about Rich city, my duty is over! If you want to learn more, you should start with Security 🔒. Thank you.